Another summer has passed and Mia once again has entertained at many libraries. For years she has been a librarian favorite with her unique magic show. This year they sent comments again and the following are from the Main office.

What the Librarians say:

"A reliably good show."

"Very enthusiastic audience. Engaging performance. One of our favorites."

"I like how she incorporated history and geography in the program."

"Nobody came me just one thank you after the show, it was always said in multiples. People are really pleased to see Mia, her act is so different than other magicians."

"She is great!"

The following is what librarians reported that the parents said to them after the show.

One librarian reported that many people said things such as: "I don’t know how she does that."


"Kids loved every moment."

"Loved it!"

One librarian reported, "I heard ‘AWESOME’ quite a bit from the kids!"

"Mia did a good job of working the importance of books and reading into her show. After the performance one boy (about 8 years old) jumped up and said, "Alright! Let’s go find that book!""

One librarian wrote that she enjoyed hearing a parent say, "You baffled my 8 year old!"

One librarian wrote that parents gave her nice comments after Mia’s show such as… "What a wonderful performance." And "We’ve seen her before, but she is always great."

Bring Mia’s Magic show to your School, Library or family event.

This magician performs across the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and all the suburbs. Mia is a magician in Bloomington, and does magic shows in Maple Grove. She is a magician in Roseville and performs as a magician in Woodbury.

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